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Luxury Travel Beds- Dark brown

€ 129,95

Luxury Travel Beds- Dark brown

€ 129,95

Introduction price: €129.95 (temporary)

L'élianne is a professional company that is specialized in providing a dog travel bed of high quality, modern design and comfort.


To be used for travellig comfortable and safety for long journeys in the car. The car seat includes a booster seat for a better view, while the anti-slip on the bottom keeps the dog bed in a safe and controlled place during the ride.


The product is multifunctional because it is both a travel bed and a regular dog bed. It comes with a seat belt that allows the dog to drive safely in the car.


Product information

Name: L'élianne Dog Travel Baskets
Colors: Beige and dark brown
Dimensions: 43 * 54 * 47 * 27 cm (3.5 KG)
Size: One size
Type of animal: Small dogs and puppies
Material: 100% nylon 

Product Features:

  • Modern design
  • High quality
  • Waterproof & wrinkle-free
  • Safe, warm and comfortable
  • Fastening straps for the car
  • Soft materials & lightweight
  • Warm in the winter & cool in the summer
  • The raised edge creates a sense of security for your dog and provides head and neck support.


  • As a travel bed or normal sleepingbed
  • Can be used as a weekend bag for the dog
  • To be used if the dog has to go to the vet
  • Can be used as a travel bed for long journeys and holidays

Safety first!

The way to safely transport your dog is when you secure them. Your dog can no longer distract you and is safely in place so that the focus can be completely on driving. Very safe if an accident happened, the dog is firmly attached. The dog bed has safety belts to secure both the dog and the dog bed.

  • Including a seat belt to secure your dog
  • Front seat: around the front seat with mounting strap
  • Back seat: attached via car seat hooks (isofix) 

Properly securing your pet with a car safety harness and a dog seat belt every time you drive is a smart idea. Read more about how to keep dogs safe. 


Read here more productinformation. 

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