Designer Luxury Dog Carrier | Black

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Designer Luxury Dog Carrier

L'élianne ® luxury Dog Carrier is an excellent way to explore the outside world with your dog. Our iconic pet carrier is perfect to use while shopping, at the vet or other visits. It prevents the dog from sitting at home alone for hours. The dog carriers also protects the dog in stressful places and crowds. When using well-made dog carriers, you make sure your dog is feeling comfortable and safe everywhere you go.


Luxury Pet Carrier

A charming pet carrier is becoming increasingly important as an efficient travel accessory these days. It can be used while shopping, on family visits, or on public transport. Without an efficient dog carrier, you could easily lose your dog. And unsuspecting passers-by could step on your dog and injure it. For this reason, dog carriers helps to provide protection, stability and comfort on any adventure.


Product information

  • Brand: L'élianne ®
  • Colors: black
  • Sizes: S (8 kg) & M (12 kg)
  • Measurements: 42x20x30 cm (S) & 55x30x36.50 cm (M)
  • Fabric: 100% polyester & nylon
  • Suitable: puppy's, small and medium dogs (max. 12 KG) - If in doubt, please contact customer services;

Unique Dog Carrier

Our iconic dog carrier is a must-have during shopping, family visits, or at vet appointments. When you carry your dog close with you, it means that you will avoid participation in direct traffic, and it prevents dangerous situations on the go. Also, you won't lose your dog in the extremely busy crowds.


Luxury Dog Carriers

Comfortable Travel: Our dog carrier features soft and padded shoulder straps, making carrying your dog effortless. Both you and your dog will enjoy a comfortable journey, hassle-free.


Breathable Design: The dog bag is made of durable and breathable materials, so your dog gets plenty of air while you are on the move. No more stuffiness or discomfort!


Safety First: With a sturdy zip and safety hook on the inside, you don't have to worry about escapes. Your dog stays safe and protected inside the bag.


Innovative Design: The modern dog bag has three reinforced carrying handles to maintain balance. This ensures stability, comfort and protection on any adventure.

Small & Big Dog Carrier Sizes

Our modern dog carrier bag is available online in different sizes. It is made to carry puppies, small and medium-sized dogs. The maximum carrying capacity is 12 KG, this distinguishes us from other dog bags available in the market. 


Available in several sizes!

High Quality & Luxurious Details

We have paid attention to every detail and functionality while designing the dog carrier bag. It has the highest quality materials, zips and finest finishes. The exterior of the dog bag is made of 100% polyester/nylon that is waterproof. The removable soft PU fur inside keeps the dog's body heat inside.


To keep our dog products multifunctional, the bags have several storage compartments. To make sure you can take your everyday dog stuff with you, there are handy storage compartments at the front and back. 


Including Safety Elements

To ensure safety, the dog bag has an integrated safety belt. The dog bag also has a large safety belt that can easily be fitted around the car seat. This allows it to function as a dog travel bed in the car or public transport.

Multifunctional Pet Carrier

The innovative design is multifunctional, as it can be used as a mobile travel bag, or as a travel bed for the car or train. All dog bags can be closed with the zip on the top. This provides immediate protection against cold weather, wind or rain.


The modern dog carrier is made with a removable soft inner pocket. This ensures that you can meet your preferences of warmth in the winter, and cooler options for in the summer. The inner pocket provides extra warmth, and guarantees a positive experience on the go. 


The inner pocket provides extra warmth, ensuring a positive experience on the move. It can also function as a warm dog blanket. 

The Best Dog Carriers!

The open front design creates a breathtaking view of the outside while lifting. It is also designed so as not to strain the dog's neck while lifting. The dog bags have a padded waterproof and windproof exterior. To preserve the body heat of the dog, and to provide the right support.


Travel- Accessories: Dog Harness, Dog Seat Belt & Dog Sleeping Bag

Most of our customers invest in all our travel accessories for the perfect preparation for any adventure. Combine all travel elements to be confident and well prepared for the next adventure!


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Combine your personal style with an exclusive pet carrier design!

- Made for your best friend

Why a L'élianne Pet Carrier?

Luxury dog bags have become incredibly popular for transporting puppies and small dogs. For those of us who explore the city with four-legged friends, a dog carrier is an essential item. L'élianne ® dog carrier collection is a perfect way of taking dogs to all kinds of places. But why is it so convenient?


Dog bags are a very important dog accessory. The design is fashionable and also offers many advantages, such as during travel, walks in crowded cities, etc.


A poorly designed dog bag can result in losing the dog in crowded environments and can even lead to serious injuries. At worst, a stranger may step on the dog. A good dog bag protects the dog from dangers.

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