Designer Luxury Dog Harness | Black

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Luxury Dog Harness

Introducing our new L'élianne ® dog harness which is an excellent addition to our collection of must-have travel accessories. All dog harnesses provides safety, comfort & protection to ensure a successful car ride for small and medium-sized dogs. 


Dog Harnesses; Safety & Protection

Crafted with high-quality, durable materials, this dog harness ensures reliable strength and stability during daily walks, hiking, & any outdoor car- adventure. The integrated reflective visibility lines enhance visibility during low-light conditions. 


Premium Safety Harness For Dogs!

The best dog harness has a Y-shaped design to create full freedom of movement. The Y-shaped no pull dog harness is designed with padded materials around the chest, armpits and back area. This ensures comfort at all times. 


Product information

  • Brand: L'élianne ®
  • Size: XS, S, M & L
  • Color: black
  • Materials: 100% durable nylon & polyester
  • Type: puppies, small & medium dogs
  • Model: size xs for a puppy, size S small dogand size L big dog


Product Features

  • Combination of travel elements;
  • Y-shaped design for full freedom of movement;
  • Reflective visibility lines;
  • Easy to clean & anti-scratch outer layer;
  • Comfortable, soft & breathable padding;
  • No-Pull front ring helps redirect your dog's forward motion when he/she suddenly pulls, which discourages pulling;
  • The Back D-Ring is ideal for well-trained dog walks, jogging, or hiking;
  • Four points of adjustment for an optimal fit;
  • ID pocket stores dog tags.


Note: Please measure your dog carefully and refer to the size chart before purchasing. Safety Information: this item is not automobile crash tested or certified.

Durable & Comfortable Dog Harness for Dogs

L'élianne ® dog harness will ensure safety & comfort in combination with our luxurious dog car seat and dog seat belt. When combining our travel elements together you will be well-prepared for any car ride. The dog harnesses are made for puppies, small and medium-sized dogs.


Dog Car Seat  | Dog Travel Bed  | Booster Dog Car Seat – L’élianne

Best Dog Harnesses For Any Car-Adventure!

Designed for maximum convenience, our Y-shaped dog harness is incredibly easy to put on and take off. The adjustable straps provide a customized fit for dogs of all sizes, from small breeds to larger pups.


The innovative Y-shaped dog harness design evenly distributes pressure across your dog's chest and shoulders, minimizing strain on their neck and preventing potential injuries. 


The Y-shaped design ensures a full freedom of movement. Furthermore, the harness features a sturdy handle on the back, giving you extra control in tricky situations or when you need to assist your dog over obstacles.

Travel- Accessories: Dog Car Seat, Harness & Dog Seat Belt

To encourage more outdoor adventures & travelling in the car to new places, we've created a collection of must-have dog travel gear to make your next road trip even better. Our L'élianne ® dog harness & dog seat belt can be perfectly combined together on any car-ride.


Custom-Fit Dog Harnesses 

The new collection of our dog harness is adjustable for a perfect custom-fit to your dog's body. To create a perfect fit, the harness has 4 adjustable straps to make it tighter or looser around the body.  The straps have a lock to prevent it from unclipping or slipping during use.


A must-have dog harness that is perfect for walks in the woods, running around the park or travelling in the car. An efficient design to be well-prepared for a long journey in the car or a walk. The dog harnesses are easy to put on and take off quickly, and also have room to grow into as a young dog.


Investing in a well-made pet harness for in the car is generally better than using a dog collar, because it presents accidents more faster. When using a dog collar dogs can easily slip out and potentially run into traffic or other dangerous situations may occur.

Must-Have Dog Car Harness 

The modern no pull dog harness is designed with smart reflective visibility lines to ensure safety at dark nights. The reflectation give other people a long time to react, and to have a clear visibility.


The dog running harness has breathable fabrics to prevent nasty wounds. The soft sponge padding prevents injuries and provides extra comfort at the neck to prevent pain or stress. The soft and breathable padding makes for a more pleasant walking or travelling experience.


The dog harness has a double elastic construction on the belly bands, provides stretch for more comfort and helps absorb shocks, reduces strain and the risk of injury.


Care & Maintenance

The dog harness can be easily hand washed with mild soap and cold water. Always avoid harsh detergents, rinse to eliminate residue and let it air-dry.

Invest in the well-being of your dog and enjoy countless worry-free walks together.


L'élianne ®: Dog Travel Set

Most of the customers who bought the dog harness, are also investing in our luxury dog car seat & other travel elements. Combine all travel elements to be confident and well prepared for the next adventure!


Why L'élianne?

L'élianne ® is a luxury dog brand founded by Carlijn Elianne in 2020 in the Netherlands. Our mission is to strive for a better future where dogs no longer have to feel anxiety, stress or car sickness.


An exclusive, original & innovative collection made for your best friend. Every dog that is part of the family deserves to have the best products made exclusively for them.


We deliver our exclusive collection worldwide and do our utmost to provide fast personal service. We believe in our products, which is why we offer a 60-day return period.

Dog Size Chart

In order to ensure the best fit for your dog it's important to measure their sizes. To find the right size, make sure to measure the chest and neck of the dog. The dog harness can be adjusted to make it tighter or looser. Do you need help? Then you can always send us a message.


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